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As an accredited Gold Partner, Document Support Centre can offer clients the following Hewlett-Packard products.

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At Document Support Centre, we offer a wide selection of desktop computers to suit each customer’s need, whether for home office, business, or entertainment use. Our variety of desktop computers for your home include everyday desktop computers, slim and sleek desktops, high performance desktops, and touch screen computers . For small to large business customers, we offer a range of business desktop computers, workstation computers, POS systems and thin clients.


Document Support Centre offers a broad family of HP laptops, notebook computers, netbooks and Ultrabooks for a variety of uses, including high performance laptops great for movies, music, and photos. HP’s powerful notebook computers can handle your extreme gaming needs as well. HP also offers a full range of notebooks for your business office needs. HP’s ultra-portable notebook computers, netbooks and Ultrabooks are lightweight, offer long battery life and can be used almost anywhere. For any kind of lifestyle, at home or the office, HP delivers an outstanding choice of laptops and notebook computers to suit your needs.


Virtually everything in your business and your datacenter comes down to information — how to serve information to your applications and users, how to secure information and reduce risk and how to extract more value from information so you are more competitive. HP believes the only way to meet business needs effectively is with modern storage designs that break down traditional IT boundaries to better meet unpredictable demands. This is the fundamental premise behind HP Converged Storage. HP Converged Storage helps you address virtualization, cloud and Big Data challenges so you can spend less time and money on storage and more on innovations that drive additional value for your business. Within our portfolio, we are developing polymorphic designs capable of conforming to any need, at any scale, across information serving, protection, retention and analytics.


The cloud era has created an unprecedented explosion of data and digital information. The impact on data centers is tremendous. With highly virtualized environments and unpredictable workloads, a typical 10,000-square-foot data center can see demand for storage capacity grow by 45% each year.1

And along with that demand comes the burden of protecting and analyzing data that will generate useful business insight.

But the impact isn’t just on your infrastructure’s outdated servers. There is a ripple effect that reaches out to your entire server infrastructure and into data center operations. For every new rack of storage, seven racks of server computing power are needed. And those servers must be integrated, managed, powered, cooled, and supported.

For many data centres, IT infrastructure and operations have reached a breaking point; incremental improvements no longer work. It’s time for a server that works smarter, so that everything works better.

HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers include over 150 design innovations that allow administrators to increase application performance, and free up resources to focus on business innovation. Built on HP ProActive Insight architecture, the new servers constantly analyse over a thousand system parameters to get the best application performance and proactively improve uptime— all while providing actionable insight into every aspect of your IT infrastructure. HP ProLiant Gen8 introduces HP-only and industry-first innovations that use embedded intelligence to get rid of manual tasks and automate IT operations.


Unleash the power of your laser or multifunction printer – HP delivers tools to help you communicate more affordable and effectively. HP inkjet and laser printers are perfect for home or business users who demand a lot from a printer. From single function reliable laser printers to multifunction printers, HP’s product line includes versatile and affordable devices that can tackle everything from a book report to a newsletter to lab-quality photos as well as professional color printing. Advances in technology have made printing professional color documents and photographs yourself more affordable than ever on both laser printers and multifunction printers.

Hewlett-Packard’s pioneering technology across its product lines, and the value added services and solutions it provides, have put HP in a leadership position in the markets it addresses in Africa today.


Document Support Centre HP Business Unit is committed to the continuous improvement of after-sales customer service and support. We stock spare parts and consumables for the standard products that keep in stock for quicker equipment repair turnaround times.

For our enterprise customers we offer various types of Service level agreements, and we will maintain a spares holding at the customer’s request in order to honour these agreements. In the event we are unable to solve a problem, Document Support Centre is able to escalate to our principal HP distributors in South Africa, and then onwards to HP itself.