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IBMIn 2012 Document Support Centre was awarded IBM advanced business partner status . Advanced level Business Partners have demonstrated a high level of skills and market success. They are committed to maintaining a prosperous business relationship with IBM.

Document Support Centre is certified to  Supply , Install and support IBM Hardware and software products.

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IBM System X advancements in scalability, reliability and performance can help you take your business where you want it to go. At IBM we provide the technology that will help your business innovate and thrive. We make that possible today and have a vision and dedication to continued innovation for tomorrow. Why should I choose System x to run my business? System x solutions are the result of a design for building proven IBM innovation around industry-standard components. Solutions that span feature-rich, scalable enterprise x86 servers to rack-optimized servers designed for business productivity to entry-level tower servers. IBM differentiates itself in the crowded x86 marketplace by offering high value offerings that are easy to deploy and manage, leadership quality and service, and leading technology.


The 30-year-old PC server has reached its limits. To combat the spiraling costs and inefficiency caused by the chronic underutilization of x86 servers—and to be able to scale flexibly to meet the demands of new applications and services—real innovation is required, not more commodity solutions.

With the introduction of eX5, IBM’s 5th Generation of the industry leading enterprise x86 servers, IBM engineers have redefined X by radically expanding the capabilities of x86 servers, leveraging the deep history of IBM innovation. The new eX5 servers emphasize three crucial design goals:

  • Maximize Memory — Competitive servers use the same processors, but only eX5 systems offer memory expansion, yielding the maximum performance for many workloads. The unique System x capability to expand memory independently of the processor has unlocked an unprecedented amount of configuration flexibility. You no longer have to add another (underused and expensive) processor simply because you need more memory for your existing apps. In fact, if your apps (or your need for virtualization) require huge quantities of memory—more than the chassis can hold, in fact—eX5 allows you to expand the chassis with an external MAX5 memory chassis, for the most memory in the industry in each of these classes of servers.
  • Minimize Cost — With the addition of the 2-socket System x3690 X5, System x has lowered the acquisition cost of enterprise servers, while preserving the ability to expand to much greater capabilities if and when you need to. IBM doesn’t force you to buy everything up front, as some competitive systems do. You can extend memory as you need it. And more memory means you can run more VMs per processor, which helps lower your per-processor software licensing costs. See up to 50% savings in software licensing for the same number of virtual machines (VMs) or database users or nearly twice the number of VMs (82% more) for the same license cost1.
  • Simplify Deployment — With single points of management and remote administration, eX5 systems are built for simpler qualification, faster deployment, and easier administration. eXFlash SSD technology allows you to drastically reduce cables and drives. IBM innovation helps set you apart from the competition. More affordable IT allows you to take cost out of IT and use those resources to fuel innovation in your own projects.

Improve application performance while managing growth, complexity and risk.

With a data center that’s easier to manage and more reliable, you have more time to focus on growing your business.

The IBM System x3850 X5 is unrivaled in its application performance. With leadership performance benchmarks, clients get the industry’s best performance per workload. The x3850 X5 delivers 6x the memory of any 4-socket x86 system today for the maximum utilization, reliability and performance needed for compute- and memory-intensive workloads. The x3850 X5 is a versatile, scalable, 4-socket, 4U, rack-optimized enterprise server that provides a flexible platform so you can grow when you need to.


Managing energy in the data center is a growing concern due to the increasing numbers of servers, the incremental heat they generate and ultimately, the rising cost of energy. System x servers not only help increase performance per watt, but also help you budget, plan, and control power usage. And, by consolidating and virtualizing on IBM System x and BladeCenter servers, you can increase the utilization of hardware and decrease the number of physical assets you need to watch over. With the IBM Director extension and IBM Virtualization Manager, managing your virtualized environment is even easier, giving you a single interface to manage physical and virtual systems from almost anywhere.

The x3650 M3 delivers an energy smart design featuring lower wattage efficient power supplies, counter rotating fans, an altimeter and advanced power management that can reduce annual energy costs by up to $100/server per year. Also, the x3550 M3 and x3650 M3 have next-generation BIOS technology that offers more functionality and fully supports today’s and tomorrow’s operating systems.

IBM Power series Power Systems hardware provides the foundation for designing workload optimized systems in conjunction with software and expert domain knowledge. Power servers and blades are modular and scalable and designed from the chip through the software stack to help deliver new levels of business performance.


Delivering on the promise for a highly dynamic infrastructure, the BladeCenter PS blades help in delivering superior business and IT services with agility and speed—all in a simple to manage highly efficient way.

Express Power Express servers are excellent as reliable, secure distributed application servers, consolidation servers, or standalone servers for UNIX, IBM i and Linux workloads. As 2U, 4U or tower packages with 4-32 cores, Power Express servers provide outstanding performance while helping to reduce infrastructure and energy costs. Enterprise Power Enterprise servers are for clients that require the ultimate in business resiliency, performance and scalability. This class of system, capable of running AIX, IBM i and Linux, provides up to 256 POWER7 processor cores with up to 8TBs of memory and includes the flexibility to turn processors and memory on and off as application workload dictates.


World-class POWER7 systems equipped with two sockets and up to 16 cores. These value-priced servers are designed to go head-to-head with x86 servers on cost, while delivering greater performance, higher utilization, and superior availability.

High performance computing

Power Systems high performance computing solutions configured into highly scalable AIX® and Linux® clusters offer extreme performance for demanding analytic and big data workloads such as computational chemistry, petroleum reservoir modeling, weather forecasting, climate modeling, and financial services.

IBM PureFlex System IBM PureFlex System™ provides compute, storage and networking resources in one environment that is both efficient and easy to manage. IBM Flex System components provide an open ecosystem of advanced networking, storage, and virtualization technologies with flexibility for a variety of workloads.


IBM® Smarter Storage, a more efficient, automated and intelligent approach to storage, is Efficient by design, Self-optimizing, and Cloud agile. Efficient by design With Smarter Storage, essential storage technologies are built in and tightly integrated. Efficiency is effortless – requiring no manual intervention. Management is intuitive.

Benefits: Reduce space requirements for active data by up to 80 percent. Save up to 47 percent of administrator time and reduce complexity by up to 30 percent.

IBM Real-time Compression technology is now built into IBM Storwize® V7000 and V7000 Unified and SAN Volume Controller.

The intuitive user interface from IBM XIV® and IBM Storwize V7000 and V7000 Unified is now in Tivoli® Storage Productivity Center.


Smarter Storage analyzes data access patterns, adapts and improves performance. Sophisticated internal analytics automatically place data on the appropriate storage tier.

Benefits: Increase performance up to three times with only 3 percent of data on SSDs

IBM Storwize V7000 and V7000 Unified, DS8000® and SAN Volume Controller have IBM Easy Tier® built in.

IBM XIV has automated load balancing, Quality of Service Management, self-healing and Flash optimization.


WebSphere Application Server is a high-performance and extremely scalable transaction engine for dynamic e-business applications. The Open Services Infrastructure allows companies to deploy a core-operating environment that works as a reliable foundation capable of handling high volume secure transactions and Web services. WebSphere continues the evolution to a single Web services-enabled, Java™ 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application server and development environment that addresses the essential elements needed for an on demand operating environment. With WebSphere Application Server V5.0.2, WebSphere demonstrates its continued commitment to the realization of the IBM e-business on demand vision with new platforms and important functional enhancements.


Tivoli security management solutions address two critical e-business challenges: automated identity management and security event management. The IBM Tivoli identity management solution helps you quickly realize ROI by bringing users, systems and applications online fast, while effectively managing users, access rights and privacy preferences throughout the identity lifecycle. The IBM Tivoli security event management solution helps you actively monitor, correlate and quickly respond to IT security incidents across your e-business. DB2 IBM DB2 Information Integrator represents the next generation of information integration software. It provides a foundation for e-business on demand, enabling companies to have integrated, real-time access to diverse and distributed information. As a result, organizations can increase efficiencies, better serve customers and suppliers, make better decisions, and respond more quickly to new opportunities or threats.


Increase collaboration and human interaction by bringing people together with messaging, calendaring & scheduling and collaborative applications — while lowering the total cost of your messaging and collaboration infrastructure.

Cloud agile

Smarter Storage fully participates in highly virtualized cloud environments. IBM and non-IBM storage are managed as one virtual pool. All systems inherit IBM’s advanced capabilities. Data is automatically synchronized. Files flow to users wherever they are.

Benefits: Reduce disk space needs by up to 50 percent. Speed storage deployment up to 26 percent. Improve application availability by up to 29 percent.

IBM XIV quickens cloud implementations and offers predictable high performance – with minimal management.

IBM Storwize V7000 and V7000 Unified and SAN Volume Controller manage IBM and non-IBM storage as one pool.

Existing storage systems inherit advanced capabilities such Real-time Compression

Active Cloud EngineTM automatically synchronizes data between facilities.

Document Support Centre IBM Business Unit is committed to the continuous improvement of after-sales customer service and support. As an IBM advanced business partner Document Support Centre acts as a warranty centre for the IBM hardware equipment that we supply. We stock spare parts and consumables for the standard products that keep in stock for quicker equipment repair turnaround times.

For our enterprise customers we offer various types of Service level agreements, IBM RSSA agreements and Software Maintenance Agreements (SMA). We have a dedicated team of trained and certified engineers and analysts that will be able to give clients remote and onsite support .In the event we are unable to solve a problem, Document Support Centre is able to escalate to our principal IBM distributors in South Africa, and then onwards to IBM itself.